Kohler’s Numi Toilet Offers Unprecedented Luxury in a Sleek, Modern Design

It’s been the subject of accolades (2011 Good Design Award and iF Product Design Award,) and late night banter (As Team Coco put it, “It’s like if the Swiss Army Knife people made a toilet. With, you know, less sharp stuff.”)  However there’s no denying that Kohler’s Numi toilet melds sleek, modern design with unmatched comfort and control. It is the ultimate in personal luxury – perfect for my bachelor clients and anyone who appreciates thoughtful details.

* A Motion Activated Lid and Seat resolves the age-old argument once and for all.

* Illuminated Panels provide a soft, ambient glow.

* A Heated Seat and Feet Warming Panels – how great is this after a day on the slopes?

* An Advanced Bidet, Integrated Air Drying and Deodorizer – enough said.

* Built-in speakers –  play a selection from Numi’s pre-programmed FM radio, or connect your MP3 player to the magnetic docking station.

A touch-screen remote allows you to customize every option to your personal preference. And Numi’s sophisticated flushing technology provides water savings and power.

Yes, it’s an investment. But for those who want a well-appointed personal retreat, the Numi is something to consider. Click on the image below to see Numi’s stylish video.


Numi Toilet by Kohler

The Numi Toilet - Kohler's Most Advanced Toilet


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